Why You Need A Ground Blind

November 8, 2018

There is a very accurate weapon being deployed by the outfitters and guides across this globe, and hunters owe it to themselves to add one to their hunting arsenal. In past 1990’s, considered as a fad for turkey hunting, the entirely pop-up, enclosed, the ground blind is at present a mainstream and a must-have thing for deer hunting and any other big game pursuits. Whether you have simply stopped the using of ground blinds as they not being practical or traditionally declined the use of ground blinds due to their cumbersome appearance, here are the top reasons that would convince you to reconsider this bonafide tool of freezer-filling success.


This ground blind tool will not only protect you from the unfavorable wind conditions and elements, but it also will save you from yourself. Most of the hunters cannot sit for a long time and concentrate for more hours at a time. At this situation, the ground blind will help you to get away with a lot of the movement. It is best to wear dark clothing, keep only one of the windows open for scent control and to not let light give you away. It is required to sit as far back as possible. Best of all, ground blinds will help you find to more hunting success; and at the worst, the ground blinds will provide you some good comforts and conveniences that are easy to get used to. Even if you wish to expand your tactics and get closer to reaching your potential as a hunter, then add a ground blind to your hunting routine.


Most of the area that you go for hunting would have a rugged hunting environment. Within the area, each topographic terrain feature is brutally represented. As these ground blinds will weigh less than 20 to 25 pounds, it makes taking them with you extremely easy and feasible, and it would be even a convenient option for some mountain hunting situations. Their mobility is also appreciated by many hunters as these ground blinds are used for spontaneous set-ups on Whitetails. For instance, if deer are suddenly popping out to feed in a new pasture or crop field, you can set up a blind on the perimeter and hope for an ambush hunt.

Proven Performance

The evolution of this ground blind equipment acceptance is of no more evident than in the Whitetail hunting world. This particular whitetail animal has spawned a mega-industry of hunting products, Tv shows, cable networks, hunting guide businesses, hunting and conservation organizations, and other multi-media platforms. Even, if you see any of the informational Whitetail video production, you would obviously observe a portable ground blind being consistently utilized.

The video-makers of this need animal kills to promote the industry, educate, test equipment, and to market their causes. So, they use proven methods to get these kills and ground blinds are the important part of that mission.

The Great Plains are not only the place facing the ground blind use evolution. They have been a long-time factor on the turkey, hog and southern deer hunting scenes. Mainly in the western United States, these ground blinds are becoming essential equipment for waterhole hunting of Mule Deer and Pronghorns. These ground blinds are even being used near the shores of the Pacific Ocean to hunt wild turkey, wild hogs, whitetail deer, Columbia, black bear, blacktail deer, and Elk.

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