Spearfishing – The Perfect Fishing Gear

November 8, 2018

Harpoon and Spearfishing are the oldest ways of fishing that are still treated as the latest trend because of loads of fun associated with the technique. Harpoon fishing is a hunt on the water, whereas spearfishing is a hunt underwater. The spearfishing is applied near the coral reefs to catch species of fish that live underwater like octopuses, lionfish, groupers and snappers. Both spearfishing and Harpoon fishing are the best ocean-friendly ways to fish, as long as the fishermen are targeting well-managed and abundant fish species.

Though these two fishing methods could be labor intensive, they do have a lot of advantages. Fishermen can deliver their high-quality and fresh catch directly to retailers, local or regional chefs, and consumers, and as a result, they may be rewarded with a premium price.

Here are a few more points to know about fishing before you start harpoon fishing

1. Harpoon FishingFor harpoon fishing, go on a boat or stand still in the water to spot a fish and spear it with the harpoon. A harpoon is a long stick with a steel or metal tip and can pierce into the fish that comes near you. Harpoon fishing is mainly used to catch bluefin tuna and swordfish at times when they come in numerous numbers to the shore. The one more advantage of this fishing method is they catch only the one they have targeted and there is no harm to the other fish species hence helping in the balancing of oceans ecosystem, unlike the other methods of fishing where the unwanted species are catches left away. This kind of fishing does not harm the ocean’s bed. But it would be great if managed to prevent overfishing on the reef as this might lead to the abundance of the fish over the reef.

2. One should be skilled to be safe in this tough sport. To bring fish on your table all you might need is gear, good spot for fishing and tips that could help you in tough times. Before selecting the gear, you must have an idea of the spots and the black shallows, else you might put yourself into risk. Always your safety should be your first priority. So, make sure to go fishing with a friend. Fishing alone is quite risky. Don’t put your hand in dark holes, as the Eel clamps are the most heard stories. Though an Eel bite is not dangerous unless it is poisonous, it might harm you. It is best to use a dive knife as it could help you in time when you were caught in nets or marine reef.

3. Choose the spot wisely as some spots are only for experts due to the rough marine base. Start your fishing with a pole, this would allow you to learn fishing and move in water with the weapon.

4. Aim for the small fish at the beginning as this leaves you with less danger when you miss your aim.

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